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The next time you find yourself in the Valley of the Sun, don’t leave without taking one of many Phoenix tours. The sprawling city of Phoenix, which is located in the middle of the Sonoran Desert, has it all. From warm air and sunny skies, to an array of sightseeing tours, air tours, and off-road tours, Phoenix is an adventurous spirit’s dream come true! 

There are several sightseeing tours here that will transport you all around the city, from downtown Phoenix, to eclectic Tempe, to classy Scottsdale. On these outings, you’ll be transported by motor coach all around the metropolitan areas, and stop at several places for some genuine southwestern discovery. Various Phoenix tours could, for example, enable you to visit the historic Arizona State Capitol Museum, which was built over a period of 11 years starting in 1889, and eventually designated a museum in 1977. Old Town Scottsdale is another popular sightseeing tour stop on Phoenix tours, and offers you tons of unique shopping and dining options in a Wild West atmosphere. You could also check out a 1,500-year-old village where the Hohokam Indians once lived; and, of course, the famous Desert Botanical Garden, which is bursting with huge cacti and diverse desert wildflowers, all perfectly manicured and accessible by foot. 

Still other Phoenix tours will expose you to the land outside of the city limits. There, you’ll discover the gorgeous Sonoran Desert, with its dry and dusty terrain, and an impressive array of mountains. You could drive up to the top of Mummy Mountain, which, at 300 ft. above the ground, is fantastic for looking down upon the entirety of the Valley. 

Alternatively, you can take a different (and more extreme) type of sightseeing tour—namely, a Jeep tour! Off-road Phoenix tours can put you on any number of trails around Phoenix, allowing you to explore the terrain in up close and personal fashion. You could head north to Fountain Hills, and make your way up the Four Peaks for cooler temperatures and outstanding views. Alternatively, feel free to take the Apache Trail through the Superstition Mountains, and out to the Goldfield Ghost Town for a look back in time. 

Alternative Phoenix tours don’t begin and end with Jeep tours, however. They continue with air tours! In a plane or helicopter, you can get a view like you never thought possible, as you soar over both desert and city alike. Among the things you could see on a helicopter tour are the White Tank, McDowell, Superstition, and Sierra Estrella Mountains, and the area’s major sporting venues, such as the out-of-this-world University of Phoenix Stadium in Glendale, Sun Devil Stadium in Tempe, and Chase Field in downtown Phoenix. Outdoorsmen and pro sports fans alike will love the experience! 

Another type of air tour that can be done in and around Phoenix is a hot air balloon tour. These dream-like journeys into the sky are much calmer than their airplane and helicopter tour counterparts, but they are similarly reinvigorating. After floating into the heavens, you’ll find yourself a few hundred feet above the ground in the early morning air. At that time, you’ll be able to look out at rugged mountaintops, and down on prickly pear cacti, saguaro cacti, and ocotillo plants, as well as scurrying jackrabbits and javelinas. These hot air balloon tours are, without a doubt, the quietest and most calming of the many Phoenix tours

Finally, if you’d like to get a little further out and away from the city, why not take an air tour from Phoenix to Sedona or the Grand Canyon? These journeys to the north can easily be done in a day (if you’re pressed for time), and on them, you’ll see a lot more than an eyeful. In Sedona, you’ll gaze down upon red rocks aplenty, includes famous buttes and spires like Bell Rock and Cathedral Rock. Meanwhile, at the Grand Canyon, you’ll weave your way through the sky, directly over and perhaps into the mile-deep cavernous landmark. Some plane and helicopter tours even provide you the chance to land on the canyon rim or floor, where you can check out the Grand Canyon Skywalk, the Grand Canyon Village, and the Colorado River, respectively. 

From what we’ve said, we hope that you’re no longer asking yourself, “Should I take a tour of Phoenix?,” but rather, “Which of these Phoenix tours should I choose?” That’s an excellent question, and you have to take many factors into consideration: your personal interests, your schedule, your preferred method of transportation, etc., etc. Nevertheless, even as you do that, remember that you don’t have to pick just one! In fact, take several of them, and we promise you a well-orbed experience.

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